Waist Bead Sizing and How to Tie

Our tie-on waist beads are all approx. 44 inches of beads and come on an extra long polyester string. They can fit any waist size up to 44 inches and can easily be tied by yourself.

How to tie your waist beads:

  1. Take the waist bead string and measure it around where you want it to sit. Make sure to leave some extra room for bloating and movement. 
  2. Move any excess beads over to the ends of the string.  
  3. Make sure there are no gaps within the beads and tie 3-4 knots as tight as possible. 
  4. Cut off the excess string.  

How to measure your waist:

For made-to-order or clasp waist bead designs, you will need to provide your waist measurement. Please measure where you want the waist beads to sit with a tape measure, and then enter your size in inches on the product page. 

If you have any further questions or need help with sizing, please email us at info@beadsbymarvie.com or send us a DM on Instagram @BeadsbyMarvie. We are happy to help!