Divine - Moonstone & Garnet Gemstone Waist Beads

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Healing Properties:

Moonstone is known for its feminine / goddess energy. It is associated with the moon and lunar energies symbolising balance, intuition and divine feminine energy. It is perfect for inner growth and encourages you to feel more empowered while enhancing your emotional intelligence and psychic abilities! Moonstone is a powerful tool for spiritual guidance. Associated with the Crown chakra, it can help you to grow your spiritual vision.

Garnet promotes balance while bringing serenity. It is a powerful stone that enables you to channel spiritual energies into the body and distribute them positively, increasing blood flow and circulation. Associated with the root chakra, Garnet enhances sexual energy and inspires love & devotion. It aids mental and emotional healing while encouraging self-confidence, nurturing relationships, and promoting a positive outlook. 

    Crystal Infused Waist Beads – Handmade Jewellery with Natural Crystals. 

    Our crystal waist beads combine the beauty and traditional craftsmanship of African waist beads with the healing powers of natural crystals. Each strand is handcrafted with high-quality glass beads and carefully selected crystals to offer both beauty and spiritual benefits. Designed to elevate your energy and celebrate femininity and body positivity. 


    • Handmade waist beads: Featuring Moonstone and Garnet gemstone chip bead crystals with brown and gold glass beads.
    • Genuine crystals: Made with authentic and ethically sourced crystals.
    • Durable: These waist beads are threaded onto premium, durable polyester thread.
    • Screw clasp closure: Its screw fastening makes them easily removable. 

    Care Tips:

    To preserve the beauty and energy of your crystal waist beads, please avoid prolonged exposure to water and handle them with care. 


    These waist beads are custom-made to fit you. Measure around the area you want your waist beads to sit with a tape measure. Be sure to leave some extra room for bloating and movement. If you have any problems with sizing, please send us a message!

    Our tie-on waist beads are all approx. 44 inches of beads and come on an extra long polyester string. They can fit any waist size up to 44 inches and can easily be tied by yourself.

    How to tie your waist beads:

    1. Take the waist bead string and measure it around where you want it to sit. Make sure to leave some extra room for bloating and movement. 
    2. Move any excess beads over to the ends of the string.  
    3. Make sure there are no gaps within the beads and tie 3-4 knots as tight as possible. 
    4. Cut off the excess string.  

    How to measure your waist:

    For made-to-order or clasp waist bead designs, you will need to provide your waist measurement. Please measure where you want the waist beads to sit with a tape measure, and then enter your size in inches on the product page. 

    If you have any further questions or need help with sizing, please email us at info@beadsbymarvie.com or send us a DM on Instagram @BeadsbyMarvie. We are happy to help!


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    Amazing confidence boost I love them so much